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Our Philosophy


Our children deserve the right to feel valued, respected and given the opportunity to develop strong relationships connecting to their families and cultures. As educators we support each child to experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life alongside being able to construct their own sense of identity and who they are. We understand the importance of childhood and how we can encourage children to embrace this in the process of them being able to make meaning of the world around them. As the children grow, so do their identities, knowledge, understandings and relationships. Play will always be the context for learning at Rose Cottage where the children can be active participants and decision makers of their own learning experiences.



We value that families are children’s first and most influential teachers and we collaborate with one another in making our curriculum decisions to ensure they uphold all children’s rights to have their cultures, identities, abilities and strengths acknowledged and valued. Through this approach we aim to reach learning goals with families for their children with a reciprocal relationship built on trust.



We immerse the children in our local surroundings to enhance their life learning experiences and enable them to remain connected while being at Rose Cottage. Our connection to the land is important to us along with the history and cultures of the Wangal and Gadigal peoples of the Eora Nation who are the Traditional Custodians of the land we learn on today.



We believe in educating our children about respect for our environment and the natural world around us and teach them ways we can value and care for our world and its future. Our aim is to ensure we focus on embedding many ways of sustainable living through our routines, the educational program, our physical environments and resources to promote children’s understanding on how they can become responsible themselves to care for our environment and our world.



Our educators at Rose Cottage bring their own personal philosophies with them to ensure they work as a team to provide high quality care and education for our children. Our priority is to be advocates for the children and the service. Holistic approaches to learning are a focus to include basic developmental areas alongside mind, body and spirit and we lend the strengths and abilities of our educators to embed this as daily practice. We draw on a range of pedagogical practices and theories to establish a cycle of critical reflection to ensure the highest quality standard of care is provided. Professional development is a large part of the critical reflection and growth for our educators to further extend their knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis.



We believe in the importance of our roles as Early Childhood professionals and the influence we have on the children and families that we connect with. Our educators share a difference of values, attitudes and beliefs which provides the opportunity for challenging one another’s thoughts and ideas. Together we will advocate to be seen as professionals and teachers against the former view of early childhood being seen as simply “care”.

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