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Educational Program & Curriculum

Our educational program and curriculum is developed and implemented in conjunction with one another as a team and overseen by our Director and Educational Leader of the service. Our practices focus on play-based learning and educators extend on each child’s strength and interests and plan, document and evaluate programs and individual learning all underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework Learning Outcomes, Principles and Practices.

The children at Rose Cottage learn through play-based experiences and our educators focus on a holistic approach to learning, ensuring that all developmental areas are integrated within the educational program and daily routines and experiences.

Koala's Birth - 2 years​


Our infants room provides a calm, home like environment that supports educators in the nurturing of our babies. We have three educators in this room, providing care for up to 12 children. Relationships and connections are very important in this learning environment as our infants begin their very first journey in early childhood.

Rose Cottage has a separate cot room that provides a cosy, relaxing and comfortable sleep area for the children.  Individual routines will be discussed with families and implemented for each child.  Our infants are provided with their own outdoor play area, giving them access to a space in which they can confidently explore while feeling safe and secure.

​Wombat's 2 - 3 years


Our toddlers environment has routines which begin to enable children to develop their sense of agency and extend on self-help skills; learnt through play and guidance from educators. We have three educators in this environment with a maximum of 15 children. Our educational program and curriculum in this room focuses on child initiated and intentionally led learning experiences. The learning environment is created in a way that children can self select their resources and enables children to have an indoor/outdoor access throughout the day.

Kangaroo's 3 - 5 years


Our preschool environment focuses on holistic approaches of learning through a play based approach. We have two educators in this environment with a maximum of 16 children. The educational program and curriculum aims to develop each child’s social and emotional skills along with other skills for thinking, problem solving, independence and investigating. Children are co-constructors of their learning and knowledge and through critical reflections and open ended discussions they develop the learning and educational program with the educators.

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