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About us

Rose Cottage Childcare is an Early Childhood Education and Care Service delivering high quality care for children aged 0-6 years in Leichhardt.  

Educational program

Our practices focus on play-based learning and educators extend on each child’s strength and interests and plan, document and evaluate programs and individual learning.


Play is the foundation for developing strong dispositions of learning and developmental areas such as curiosity, openness, optimism, resilience, concentration and creativity.

Contact us

1 Coleridge Street
Leichhardt NSW 2040

(02) 9560 2577

Rose Cottage family testimonials

Our daughter attended Rose Cottage from 11 months to 3.5 years old, transitioning across all three rooms. We unfortunately had to move interstate, which meant she couldn’t continue at Rose Cottage until she started school. Rose Cottage is like an extension of our family, and they very much focused on guiding, teaching and offering a sense of security and love to our daughter from the moment she arrived. Each room focuses on development activities suitable for their age, and we truly saw her growth throughout each year. They truly cared about our daughter, and she formed such a strong bond with all of her educators that often she didn’t want to go home when we arrived to pick her up! We will forever be grateful to all of the educators at Rose Cottage for influencing and teaching our daughter values of kindness, compassion and strength. We miss you all dearly!




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